Iv’e devoted so much time and countless amounts of products to my hair recently.

I know it sounds pathetic, but I really love having white hair. I remember at 15 wishing I could have it and everyone said it wouldn’t suit me and wouldn’t be possible.

No one really knows the key to white hair is just a toner these days, it’s pretty simple as long as your hair is bleached the lightest you can without completly frying. Especially for me anyway, I mean naturally I’m a light brown girl with blonde bits in.

I’m lucky I aint had to cut much off. I cut loads of my hair BEFORE I bleached it white at all but I guess it was the best thing and even though it wasn’t short, I kept cutting a lot lately cos it was a little dry but now it’s restored again. And it’s always grown fast as normal.

Look at all that stuff. :P

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